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I worked closely with Nouran for approx. 1,5 years on the Refugee project of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. I was project manager for the project, that consisted of three elements: 1. Developing a Pre-Bachelor program (Schakeltraject) to increase access to higher education for refugees.
2. Offering part-time work experience internships for "statushouders" (refugees with asylum status)
3. Informing refugees about education possibilities in the Netherlands and Zuyd

Nouran was the liaison to the refugee community and she exceeded all expectations. Not only did she do an outstanding job in recruiting participants for the pre-bachelor program and for Zuyd’s regular Bachelor programs, she also was my sparring partner in the project. Working in an innovative project of this size was a new experience for Nouran, but she is a fast learner. The project was highly succesfull: 21 students started the Pre-Bachelor program in september 2017 (17 of them graduated in July 2018), 11 refugees were able to do an internship at Zuyd and hundreds of refugees were informed about our programs and counseled by Nouran.
I will forever value Nouran’s passion, language skills, enthusiasm and drive to use her language and mentoring skills to help refugees. I highly recommend working with her: as an Arabic language trainer, in cross-cultural communication, issues of diversity and inclusiveness and inspiring men and women that dreams do not have a roof.

Mieke van RietOpleidingsmanager - Het VISTA college